Empower Suppliers to Scale Their Business

Suppliers have a new source to meet new clients and
expand their business


    Buildaily Marketplace is an effective new way to find more clients and run and grow your business.

    • Navigate through a wide variety of RFQs. On Buildaily Marketplace, you run your own business and choose your own clients. Just complete your profile and we’ll link you with the ideal clients. Also, search RFQs and respond to client invitations.
    • Wide variety and high profit. Clients are now posting RFQs in hundreds of categories, paying top price for great products and/or services.
    • More and more success. The greater the success you have on orders, the more likely you are to get more business by clients that use Buildaily Marketplace.

    Buildaily Marketplace makes it easy to connect with clients and take your business to the next level.

    • Streamlined request for quotes. Buildaily’s sophisticated algorithms highlight RFQs you’re a great fit for
    • Deliver substantial products and/or services with top clients. Buildaily’s business model encourages suppliers to use Buildaily Marketplace for repeat relationships with their clients.

    With Buildaily Marketplace, you have the freedom and flexibility to manage your clients, and how you conduct business with them. Buildaily Marketplace offers an online workspace shared by you and your client, allowing you to:

    • Online store space. Buildaily Marketplace offers a simple, yet powerful, an online store to list all your products and/or services for contractors to easily search and find what you have to offer
    • Send and receive files. Deliver digital assets in a secure environment.
    • Send messages in real time. Use Buildaily Messages to communicate directly with your clients.

    All purchase orders — helping ensure that you get paid for all products and/or services successfully completed through Buildaily.

    • All invoices and payments happen through Buildaily. Count on a simple and streamlined process.
    • Manage payments and payment terms with ease. Set milestones and funds are released via Buildaily escrow features.
    • Get paid with a click of a button. Getting paid has never been easier. You have the option to request all available funds at once or a subset of the funds.

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